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Archive for July 2018

How to Get More Out Of Your Skip Tracing

Get More Skip Tracing

Article by Will Turner at TEC Services Group:   Ask five people what the best skip trace tools and techniques are to find John Doe and you are likely to get five different answers. Why? It is relative. Searching for a missing child you’d likely have different time and money limitations than searching for…

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Recovery Solution: 4 Things to Know About LPR Staging

vehicle license plate recognition

It is important to understand that a true staging strategy involves capitalizing on real time (live) vehicles sightings vs. the use of historical LPR hits that occurred anywhere from several hours to several months ago. Over the past several years, the use of LPR technology has had a huge impact on recovery rates. Here are…

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5 Best Practices For Better Car Repossession Results

Repo Assignment Infographic

Here are 5 best practices to produce to the best auto repossession results! As one of the largest repossession management companies in the country, we work with some of the largest auto lenders in the country. We’re happy to share with you our experience as to what we see as the key components of a…

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