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Archive for April 2019

7 Insurance Requirements for Heavy Equipment Repossession

insurance for repossession

Proper insurance coverage is critical when it comes to repossessing heavy equipment collateral such as trailers, dozers, trucks, and related vehicles in construction, farming, and transportation. As one of the leading nationwide equipment repossession companies, the suggested coverage and amounts are more than sufficient to cover any situation. In the case that a heavy equipment…

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5 Credit Union Repossession Strategies

credit union repossession

There are many variations to repossession strategies but the one that generally gets the best auto recovery results for credit unions has 5 simple elements. Multiple repo agents or repossession management firms (forwarders) Relatively short assignment durations Multiple rotations for pre-charge off and post charge off Frequent and transparent scorecards A process for rewarding and…

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Vendor Scorecarding Techniques to Improve Collateral Recovery Results

vendor scorecarding

From our position as a national repossession management firm in the industry, we have been exposed to virtually every type of vendor scorecard model in use. Some of these models focus solely on recovery performance, while there are some that focus deeply and more diligently on regulatory/SOW compliance. Regardless of the depth of the scorecard…

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Personal Property Handling Fees – Survey of Lender Practices

personal property handling poll

Sponsored by: LinkedIn Group “Lenders Repossession Best Practices Forum” Powered by: ALS Resolvion   We recently asked over 3000 auto finance professionals to participate in a survey that covered the scope of personal property handling which is a popular topic in the repossession industry. As a leading national repossession management and skip trace company, we…

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Who Are The Real Bad Guys; Banks, Forwarders, or Agents?

who are the real bad guys

Article from: CU Collector Written by: Jeremy Cross International Recovery Systems   As we all know the state of the repossession industry has changed drastically in the last few years.  What was once a very lucrative industry for all who ran their businesses well has become one of distrust and infighting that is seeing costs…

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