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Better Results, Lower Risk

State-of-the-art technology to recover your collateral with industry
leading compliance


Nationwide Skip Trace and Repossession Management Services

Reduce Charge Offs and Increase Cure Rates

Learn more about how we have earned a reputation as the leading repossession management firm in the country and how we deliver Better Results, Lower Risk to our clients.


Reasons to choose ALS | Resolvion over competitors:

  • Efficiently handles over 35,000 new assignments each month
  • Recovers and processes over 9,500 repossessions each month
  • The nation’s broadest and densest repossession agent network with over 750 fully vetted, contracted and continuously monitored agencies.
  • True nationwide coverage with capabilities in Canada and Mexico
  • Experience with a wide range of portfolios from super prime to title lenders
  • Use of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to maximize results
  • Cutting-edge technology and in-house proprietary repossession management platform
  • Services available: Forwarding, Skip Trace, LPR Staging, and Heavy Equipment Repossession
New asset recovery assignments per month
Successful repossessions
per month
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