Optimizing Repossession Results Through
Effective Vendor Scorecarding

Nothing impacts repossession results more than setting up effective competition between your vendors using well-constructed vendor scorecards.  The score card techniques used by major vendors have evolved significantly over the past few years, incorporating both recovery and compliance performance.  This webinar will review several different approaches used by leading lenders and will provide insights into the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches.

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ronald eubanks headshot

Presenter - Ronald Eubanks

SVP Operations, Resolvion

Ronald has over 10 years of experience in Operations Management and Analytics. He is certified in Asset Recovery, Collections Management, and Lean Six Sigma.

michael levison headshot

Moderator - Michael Levison

CEO, Resolvion

Mike has over 30 years of senior executive experience in the financial institution marketplace. Prior to joining Resolvion in 2010, he served as CEO of Remark Americas, an international brokerage firm for 8 years.

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