Compliance is Our Competitive Advantage

A Total Compliance Solution Unmatched by any Other Service Provider

Delivering better recovery results cannot come at the expense of tight compliance. Since inception, we have upheld the most comprehensive compliance program in the industry. To meet these challenges, we have developed an unmatched compliance program covering both internal and external risks.

We recognize the fact that our clients must meet the requirements of a myriad of regulatory authorities including the CFPB, FTC, FDCPA, and numerous state laws. To meet these challenges, we have developed a total compliance solution unmatched by any other service provider.


Internal Compliance

We understand the importance of compliance. At Resolvion, we hold our internal team of investigators and staff members to a strict code of conduct. All personnel are required to undergo pre-employment drug screening and background checks. Our extensive training program includes multiple interviews, reference checks, and compliance training on FDCPA, FTC, Gramm Leach Bliley, UDAPP, and state specific regulations. To back it all up, we have developed a comprehensive compliance infrastructure consisting of

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Dedicated Compliance Department
  • Comprehensive Training and Tracking
  • Call Monitoring Program
  • Extensive Case History Documentation
  • Real Time Monitoring Tools

Agent Partner Compliance

Our Repossession Agency Vetting Process Is Rigorous 

Before any agency is added to our network, they must go through a due diligence process that only the most compliant operators can pass.

Prospective agents are required to complete a full documentation review and questionnaire. Background checks, lien checks, and reference checks are all a part of our repossession agent vetting process. In addition, we hold our agents to strict insurance requirements in the industry. All of these issues are monitored on an ongoing, real time basis through proprietary tools and scorecards integrated into our operating system.

Industry Connectivity

Our proprietary operating platform is fully integrated into every major industry platform used by both lenders and agents (IREPO, Recovery Connect, RDN, Clear Plan, DRN and IBEAM).  In addition to creating significant communication efficiencies with our partners, this real time connectivity allows us to process case holds and closes in real time all the way down to the repo truck level.  This materially reduces the risk of repossessions made in error, one of the CFPB's greatest concerns.

Monitoring Regulatory Developments

We Track Changes in Repossession and Skip Tracing laws in all 50 States

We retain a nationally recognized law firm with consumer finance and consumer privacy specialization to help us stay on top of regulatory developments. This enable us to stay abreast of changes in all 50 states. Check out the other ways we monitor industry changes:

  • Monitoring of Key Industry Publications
  • Attendance at all key Industry Conferences
  • Participating on AFSA Risk Committee

Industrial Strength Data Security

We Are Equipped For Even The Worst Disaster Recovery

Our tightly controlled data network is secured by industrial strength back up, redundancy, and firewalls. Our completely paperless office also has modified work stations to ensure that data remains confidential and your customers remain protected. Our data and call centers are mirrored allowing data to be securely replicated every 5 minutes. This allows your asset recoveries to continue even during the worst disasters.

SOC 2, Type 2 Audit Certified

Every year, we undertake a complete SOC 2, Type 2 audit performed by a leading independent firm.  This is a very rigorous process that ensures that best in class data security process and procedures are not only established by followed.

To make absolutely certain of the security of our systems, we retain an outside firm to attempt to penetrate (hack) our systems on a quarterly basis.  So far, we have received their highest level of certification.

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