Harnessing Technology to Deliver Superior Results

Fully Integrated Proprietary Repossession and Compliance Management System

As a nationwide leader in this ever-evolving industry, we respect the important and growing impact of technology. Significant technological investments have allowed us to remain on the cutting edge of innovation and compliance.

Whether it’s superior software, highly scalable systems, world class platforms or powerful workflow management tools, our team is well equipped to drive results. Innovation doesn’t have to stop at technology. From our skilled team of researchers and proficient investigators to our accomplished and reputable field agents, innovative thinking is in our blood.

Our use of cutting edge technology is harnessed in 3 different platforms

Our in-house proprietary technology platform, WOMBAT, provides us with the tools that drive the superior performance we deliver to our clients.  Additionally, the system is fully integrated with all major repossession management platforms allowing for smooth efficient exchange of data with our clients and providing them real time information.

Integration Partners

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Through a unique skip tracing platform, we take skip tracing to another level by strategically “connecting the dots” between multiple data sources. Our cutting-edge platform offers unique data views and multi-source data integration. As a result of our built-in, powerful workflow management tools, we efficiently handle thousands of new assignments every month. Up to date information on the status of your assignments is available to you 24/7 through authorized access rights to our system.

Perhaps no other technology has impacted the repossession industry in the last decade as License Plate Recognition. Through our valued partnership with Digital Recognition Network, we leverage the nation’s leading LPR technology platform in unique ways. While LPR technology has made a significant impact on the consumer auto repossession industry, we have spearheaded the efforts for commercial lenders to benefit as well.