Specialty Repossession Services

Nationwide repossession and unique specialty services to fit your every need

To support our existing core repossession services, we've developed several unique and comprehensive specialty programs for financial lenders.  Our specialty services were created to help clients successfully locate their most difficult collateral while increasing their bottom line.  Every assignment placed in one of our specialty repossession services is segmented into batches and carefully managed by a professionally trained team.

A proven program that eliminates heavy mileage and non-contingent close fees

The challenge with repossessing vehicles in regions outside of metropolitan areas is cost. Typically, large mileage fees apply and must be paid regardless of whether or not the vehicle repossession effort is successful. With Resolvion's Rural Area Recovery program, big mileage charges are a thing of the past. Your institution pays a single fixed contingent recovery fee and we absorb all agent mileage charges.

We'll manage your sensitive chapter 13 discharged and dismissed accounts

Repossessing a vehicle from a customer that has filed for bankruptcy is a tricky issue even if you believe the bankruptcy case has been discharged. Regulators also want to know that your institution has proper safeguards in place in these situations.  Resolvion's Discharged Bankruptcy Repossession Program allows you to address these issues with comfort. Our highly trained team of case managers is equipped with specialty data sources and they are trained in how to properly handle these delicate accounts.

Our dedicated team ensures your accounts flagged as cease & desist are handled properly

Repossessing a vehicle from a customer that has formally requested no contact is a particularly sensitive process and is also an issue that regulators watch closely. Proceeding with the repossession, in these cases, must be done very carefully. Our high risk account group consists of our most experienced skip tracers that are equipped with our most powerful data sources. Our red flag recovery service will find the cars you want to recover without having to rely on customer or third party contact.

An End-to-End Impound Management Solution for Lenders

Managing impound notifications is often an inefficient and painful process for lenders. Impound Pro is designed to help improve both the efficiency and financial results of the impound management process for financial institutions. We have developed a complete compliment of impound services that allows you to choose the full solution or just what you need. Our impound suite of services include VIN monitoring, impound yard contact management, value assessment, rapid nationwide vehicle recovery, end of life/total loss remarketing, insurance & legal services. Allow our expert team to streamline your impound management process.

Resolvion is the only company in the industry licensed to be on reservations

Repossessing a vehicle on Native American reservation is a difficult task for any lender. There are many obstacles such as lack of resources and limited agents in the area. Resolvion is the only company in the industry to own dedicated repossession agencies situated on all 4 corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.  Our reservation recovery resources consist of a team of local agents and 5 storage locations surrounding the most populated Native American reservations. Our dedicated team handling your reservation accounts are not only educated on the area but also informed on the languages, and local laws.


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