An End-to-End Impound Management Solution for Lenders

Comprehensive Impound Management Service

Managing impound notifications is often an inefficient and painful process for lenders. Impound Pro is designed to help improve both the efficiency and financial results of the impound management process for financial institutions. Our program is a complete impound and recovery service.

A Complete Compliment of Impound Services

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VIN Monitoring

We have established a solid and consistent VIN monitoring system that gives us early notice when vehicles have been impounded.

Impound Yard Contact Management

Dealing with unscrupulous impound lot operators is one of the real pain points in the impound management process.  Our team is trained on dealing with impound yards, and have the skills to negotiate fees on your behalf.  We provide same day outreach, expert knowledge of local state rules and regulations, fee negotiation, and legal support if necessary.

Value Assessment

One of the big challenges in the impound recovery process is determining if a vehicle is even worth recovering.  We provide the tools and support to help you make the decision more confidently.

Rapid Nationwide Vehicle Recovery

Our fully vetted, contracted, insured, and monitored network of over 600 repossession agencies are ready to recover your impounded vehicle on very short notice.  We will advance the required fees in order to avoid further delays and unnecessary storage charges.

End of Life/Total Loss Remarketing

Allow us to handle the remarketing of your impound recovered collateral.  We'll provide you with a quote within 48 hours!  Whether it is an end of life or a total loss vehicle, we offer a solution that allows you to liquidate the collateral quickly and efficiently.

Insurance & Legal Services

Through our partnership with a national claims management firm, we can seamlessly handle the management of insurance claim opportunities arising from recovering damaged vehicles.

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