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Over the past few years, we have emerged as one of the very top repossession management firms in the industry.  Each month, we receive over 50,000 new assignments, and facilitate the recovery of over 10,000 cars through our partnership with over 80 banks, captive finance companies and independent finance companies. Join our network of over 600 nationwide repossession agents.

Agent Testimonials

"Resolvion is honestly some of the best people to do business with!" - Blayne Asset Recovery

To be successful, we recognize the need to have a strong network of repossession agent partners.  Our requirements and expectations are high, but if you can meet them, you will have a partner committed to your success.

To make the communication with our partners more efficient, we have integrated our platform into Clear Plan, RDN, and Recovery Compliance.

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  • Start by completing a detailed questionnaire
  • Next, our compliance team will run background checks on all personnel
  • Our compliance team will then conduct lien checks
  • Reference checks are also required for new agents
  • Then, we’ll verify insurance policies on all lots
  • Last but not least, we’ll come on site to conduct a comprehensive inspection on all lots