A Repossession Solution for Bankruptcy

Reducing Risk in Recovering active, discharged, or dismissed vehicles

Repossessing a vehicle from a customer that has filed for bankruptcy is a tricky situation as regulators also want to know that your institution has proper safeguards in place to handle these cases.  Resolvion's Bankruptcy (BK) Repossession service allows you to address these issues while reducing risk.  Our case managers are highly trained to properly handle these sensitive accounts. In addition, our team has access to integrated expanded data resources resulting in better repossession results.

Count on us to Properly Handle Your Sensitive Accounts

We have over 10 years of extensive experience handling bankrupcies

Focused on Compliance and Reducing Legal Risk to Financial Clients

The best way to reduce legal risk on sensitive chapter 7 or 13 discharged/dismissed accounts is to partner up with a collateral recovery firm that specializes in handling delicate bankruptcy cases. Our team of expert Case Managers undergo comprehensive training to handle sensitive accounts such as bankruptcy. In addition to a "no contact" policy, bankruptcy recovery assignments are handled with the utmost care and attention.

Access to Better Data Resources

Our proprietary technology, WOMBAT, is integrated with some of the best industry data resources. Our direct access to these specialty resources allow our bankruptcy team to obtain information not readily available in other data sets. Together with specialized teams, agents and data sources, we eliminate risk in your portfolio as well as produce superior repossession results.

No Additional Cost to Enter Our Bankruptcy Program

Getting started with our bankruptcy service is easy. There's no additional cost to our financial clients to enter the program. Once Resolvion is on boarded and we begin receiving your repossession assignments for our core services, let us know which accounts you want transferred to our bankruptcy program. Your assignments will then be segmented and worked separately by our expert Case Managers specifically trained to handle sensitive vehicle repossessions.

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