Expert Nationwide Skip Tracing

Superior Data, Skilled Investigators, and Timely Agents

With over 22 years of skip tracing work, we believe that our national skip trace service is second to none. Our unique blend of highly skilled staff members, superior and efficient processes, and cutting-edge technology is how we're able to locate the most hidden vehicles. Give us your hardest assignments to work and we'll give you better results, lower risk.

Why Choose Us As Your Skip Provider?

We'll Locate Your Most Difficult-to-Find Collateral

Pre and Post Charge-Off Solution

No matter what stage of delinquency your collateral is in, we have a solution. Our skip tracing + repossession service fits any repossession strategy. Add us to the first 90 days of delinquency and improve the likelihood of avoiding a charge-off or incorporate our services afterwards to find your lost vehicles.

State-of-the-Art Tools

In addition to many years of experience, our skip tracers are equipped with the industry’s best tools for locating people and collateral.  We combine data from all leading data sources including Accurint, TLO, Experian, Equifax and many others.  The powerful technology synthesizes data from multiple sources and “connects the dots” between them in a way that only the very best skip tracers can.  With these tools, we take good skip tracers and make them into great skip tracers.

Integration of License Plate Recognition (LPR) Data

We are experts at integrating the power of LPR data into our skip tracing service.  In addition to placing all skip tracing cases into the DRN LPR system, we also efficiently utilize the database of over 3 billion historical scans to improve our chances of recovery.

Special Skill on Deep Skip Cases

For your toughest cases, we offer a special deep skip unit.  The group of highly skilled skip tracers is equipped with even greater tools and also works a modified skip structure that dramatically increases the likelihood of being able to contact the debtor.  This team has a proven thousands of times that it can find collateral when others have failed.

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