A Repossession Solution in Rural Areas

No More Large Mileage Fees or Close Fees on Rural Accounts

Typically, on rural area accounts, financial lenders pay large mileage fees regardless of whether or not the repossession is successful.  This makes repossessing vehicles in regions outside of metropolitan areas challenging and costly.  With Resolvion's Rural Area Recovery service, mileage fees and non-contingent close fees are eliminated.  We absorb all agent mileage charges in return for one fixed contingent rate.

A Proven Service That Eliminates Mileage and Close Fees

Here's How We're Able to Get This Done

List of Zip Codes Belonging to Rural Areas

Over the past 5 years, our team of repossession experts have compiled a comprehensive list of zip codes belonging to rural areas that usually include a mileage or close fee to the lender. We use this list to batch your assignments and help you count the savings on what would have been large mileage fees and non-contingent close fees.

A Single Fixed Contingent Rate With No Mileage Fees

Resolvion charges a single contingent fixed rate to financial lenders, and takes care of all mileage and close fees associated with the assignments. We're confident in our ability to deliver better results. Our contingent-based fee policy means that you only pay on successful repossessions. Any rural area assignments that were not repossessed will no longer have a mileage or close fee.

Assignment Batching for Optimal Results

We have a professionally trained and dedicated team to handle our rural area accounts. Rather than handling rural area recovery assignments one by one, our team of repossession experts batch the assignments to create optimal results. This ultimately results in better results at a cheaper cost to our clients. Our case admins are able to focus solely on recovering vehicles outside metropolitan areas, which allows them to work more effectively and efficiently.

Dedicated Nationwide Rural Area Repossession Agents

Having a lack of resources in rural areas can be challenging.  At Resolvion, we have dedicated repossession agents who receive batched assignments in these challenging areas.  Our agents are able to focus on these rural areas, and capitalize on successful repossessions. In addition, our agents are usually local giving them knowledge of area regulations and roads.

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