License Plate Recognition Management

Increase Your Chances of Repossession With LPR

We're proud partners of Digital Recognition Network (DRN Data) whose system facilitates 80+% of LPR assisted recoveries in the country. Through the effective use of both live and historical plate scan data, we handle well over 3000 LPR assisted recoveries each month.

Our industry leading LPR service is able to find vehicles and assets outside of the area serviced by the assigned agent/forwarder. Whether you need a full-service repossession management strategy that uses LPR technology to boost recoveries or a stand-a-lone LPR management firm, we have a solution.

What Makes Our LPR Service different?

Real-time Recovery of License Plate Hits

Dense Coverage

Not all LPR service providers are equal. Our scan density is what sets us apart from competitors. Through our large network of contracted LPR equipped repossession agents, we have access to 150+ million plate scans every month!

24/7/365 Dedicated LPR Management Staff

License plate hits can happen any day at any time. Our fully staffed operating center operates 24/7/365 to recover your valuable collateral. We're able to issue a repo order the minute your vehicle is sighted.

Stand Alone LPR Staging Services Available

Our LPR staging service is designed to run concurrently with your existing repossession strategy. Regardless of where your involuntary repossession assignment currently resides, LPR staging can supplement your internal team of skip tracers or third-party vendors to lower your overall average days to repo.

Schedule a Complimentary LPR Hit Analysis

Let us show you a report of the recent sightings of your vehicles and the opportunities you're missing out on. Contact us today!