Nationwide Repossession Management

Better Results, Lower Risk

Consider our network of over 600 properly insured, licensed and trained agents for your first placement forwarding needs. We manage the auto recovery process with the highest level of attention and customer service! Our unmatched national repossession management forwarding service consists of unmatched compliance monitoring, an automated agent selection process, and stringent agent performance requirements to create a worry-free repossession management solution for our lender partners.

Why Choose Resolvion's Nationwide Repossession Forwarding Service?

We Deliver a Better Asset Recovery Management Solution

Fully Integrated In-House Technology

Our in-house proprietary technology is fully integrated with ALL major repossession management platforms making it easy for your lending institution to communicate and send forwarding assignments to our team. We're integrated with IREPO, RDN, IBEAM, DRN, and other client systems. If we are not integrated with your system of choice, the process is still just as easy. You'll receive direct access to our assignment portal to upload your cases. This integrated technology streamlines the entire communication process allowing lender clients and recovery agents exchange updates and status changes in near real time.

Dense Nationwide Repossession Agent Network

Often times, your vehicle could be in several possible locations. Our nationwide repossession management service (also known as "forwarding") gives you access to one of the largest and most professional network of agents in the country. Over 99% of the United States is covered with at least one of our agent partners. Our network of over 600 fully vetted, contracted, and monitored agents gives ensures that we can pursue all possible locations simultaneously no matter where.

High Performance Standards

Not only do we have a massive agent network, we also uphold them to stringent performance requirements.

  • Acceptance of a case within 2 hours of assignment
  • Minimum of 2 updates per week on forwarding assignments
  • 24/7/365 monitor for holds and closes
  • Notification of recovery, condition reports and pictures within 4 hours

Completely Automated Agent Selection Process

Our proprietary agent assignment technology quickly identifies all agents servicing the vehicle’s address and uses a variety of metrics including score card calculations and the distance from each agent's lot to the target address to select the best repossession agent for the job. The system will automatically change agents at a pre-defined point to ensure that we get a fresh set of eyes on the case.

Minimizing Repossessions Made in Error

Perhaps no other issue is higher on the radar screen of industry regulators than repossessions that took place when they should have not. Our asset recovery management/forwarding service has been built from the ground up to minimize that possibility. Through our integrations with both lender and agent repossession management platforms, we are able to transmit vital information from the lender down to the repo truck level virtually in real time.

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