A Nationwide Red Flag Recovery Service for Sensitive Accounts

Cease & Desist requests, threatened legal action, violent acts, upset customers, and more

When a customer has formally requested no contact, repossessing a vehicle becomes a difficult and sensitive process.  These are cases that regulators watch carefully, so it's important that financial institutions have solutions in place that effectively minimize repossession risk. Our High-Risk Account Group consists of our most experienced skip tracers, specifically trained to handle these delicate issues to locate your cars without having to rely on customer or third party contact.

Expert Care for Your Flagged Repossession Accounts

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Reducing Risk of Improperly Handling Sensitive Accounts

Car repossession accounts flagged because of cease & desist requests, threatened legal action, violent acts, or upset customers can quickly escalate if handled improperly. Partner with Resolvion and alleviate your worries. Our highly-skilled team of Case Managers are thoroughly trained to resolve these situations without customer contact.

Proven Operational Process For Handling Sensitive Assignments

Our proven operational process for handling sensitive accounts allows our team of expert Case Managers to focus solely on your assignment and properly handle your delicate vehicle repossessions. In addition to our expanded data sources and agent network, we're able to effectively handle flagged situations.

No Additional Cost to Enter

No entry cost or hidden fees. Start sending us your repossession assignments and select which accounts will participate in our Red Flag Recovery Program.

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