Commercial Equipment Recovery

End-to-End Equipment Repossession Solution

At Resolvion, we have a division that focuses exclusively on heavy equipment repossession of all shapes and sizes.  We provide equipment lenders an "end-to-end" solution that includes locating the collateral, recovering it, and securely transporting it to its final destination.  Our team of repossession experts specialize in safely recovering and transporting a wide range of collateral including class 7/8 trucks, trailers, construction and agricultural equipment.  Our position as an industry leader in both consumer and commercial recovery afford unique benefits to our clients:

  • Advanced skip tracing expertise & tools to locate equipment collateral anywhere in the U.S
  • Denser field agent network to provide coverage in all states
  • Unique license plate recognition technology used to aid in the process of locating equipment
  • Higher cure rates for our financial clients
  • Skilled and efficient transport of equipment to its final destination
  • Unparalleled compliance program to protect the interest of our clients

Types Of Heavy Equipment We Repossess


Trucks & Trailers







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Recreational Vehicles

Equipment Recovery Services Available a la Carte or Bundled


Heavy Equipment Repossession & Transportation to its Final Destination

Allow us to locate and recover your equipment.  Over the past 20 years, we have built a network of repossession agent partners that covers every location in the country.  Our large network of over 200 commercial repo agents are skilled in heavy equipment repossession.  Through this network, we can recover virtually any type of commercial equipment regardless of location.

Comprehensive Equipment Inspection Service

We provide same day comprehensive inspections supported by photos, videos, sound, damage estimates and expert mechanic review.  Resolvion is able to offer faster and better heavy equipment inspections with proprietary field inspection technology.  Regardless of its collateral location, our team of experts will have a full inspection with comprehensive reports in 24 hours or less.

Accurate Asset Valuation

Our team of expert professionals can provide you with an in depth valuation that takes into account market conditions and geographic location.  Through our partnership with Aspen Field Services, Resolvion has access to proprietary valuation technology. Our asset valuation service provides a full valuation report reflecting FMV, wholesale value and likely auction value.

Fast & Efficient Equipment Remarketing

Our equipment remarketing service is a multi-channel asset remarketing through several channels and platforms. With our combination of better showcasing, faster to market approach and bigger pool of buyers, we'll have your collateral listed for sale within 24 hours of recovery and at a higher resale value.

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