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At Resolvion, we believe that an important part of our role is to provide our clients with insights into current issues and best practices. To that end, we write articles, sponsor research, survey best practices and host industry events. Visit this section of our site regularly for updates.

covid 19 support

Resolvion Launches COVID-19 Customer Support & Risk Mitigation Service for Equipment Lenders

Atlanta, GA, April 06, 2020 – Resolvion, a leading skip tracing and repossession management company, today announced the availability of a new service designed to help lenders manage the flood of deferral/modification requests and, at the same time, better manage the emerging default risk caused by the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 Risk Manager program involves proactive…

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Effective Impound Management

Effective Impound Management Strategies

An impounded vehicle is a ticking time bomb. From the moment the vehicle is towed into an impound yard until the moment it is recovered, the clock is ticking. And with every passing second, more money is being lost and more headaches are being created. The fractured nature of the impound industry, from tax notifications…

Part I of recovery commentary: Skip-tracing strategy and measuring value

Author: Joel Kennedy, NAF Association Source: SubPrime Auto Finance News   Editor’s note: This commentary is the first in a series compiled by Joel Kennedy, who is the current president of the National Automotive Finance Association and Chief Operating Officer at TruDecision, looking at the intricacies of repossessions and recovery. The industry that locates borrowers and…
specialty services breaking news

Resolvion Launches New Specialty Repossession Services

Charlotte, NC, February 03, 2020 – Resolvion, one of the nation’s leading skip trace and repossession management firms, has released a new specialty suite of services.  These specialty services were designed to address many of the challenges that lenders encounter in their repossession activities. Resolvion’s specialty services includes the following programs: Rural Area Recovery Bankruptcy…
major issues facing repossession industry

Video: The Major Issues Facing Repossession Industry

Watch The Video: **For the best video quality and display, watch in full screen mode. Presenter: Les McCook of American Recovery Association   More repossession agencies are closing their doors every week.  The situation is serious and is likely to become even more so.  Keeping the recovery agent network healthy is one of the biggest…
Skip Trace and Collection

Video: Skip Trace and Collection Trends | Best Qualities of a Skip Tracer

Watch The Video: **For the best video quality and display, watch in full screen mode. Presenter: Bryan Geist of masterQueue   Effective skip tracing is still a critical part of a successful repossession strategy.  However, the challenge is much different than it used to be.  In the old days it was all about finding a…
a crisis for repo agents

From the editor: A crisis facing repossession agents

Article from: SubPrime Written by: Nick Zulovich   DALLAS – While the overall automotive industry might be relatively healthy, no doubt there are dealerships struggling with aged inventory, auctions stressed to keep commercial consignors satisfied and finance companies wringing their hands over compressed margins and wavering portfolio performances. But if you would please indulge me…