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At Resolvion, we believe that an important part of our role is to provide our clients with insights into current issues and best practices. To that end, we write articles, sponsor research, survey best practices and host industry events. Visit this section of our site regularly for updates.

Video: Skip Trace and Collection Trends | Best Qualities of a Skip Tracer

Watch The Video: Presenter: Bryan Geist of masterQueue   Effective skip tracing is still a critical part of a successful repossession strategy.  However, the challenge is much different than it used to be.  In the old days it was all about finding a new piece of information and acting effectively on it.  Today, the amount…

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impound recovery service

Resolvion Launches Impound Pro, a True “End to End” Impound Processing Service

Charlotte, NC, September 24, 2019 – Resolvion (formerly ALS Resolvion), one of the nation’s leading skip trace and repossession management firms, has released a new impound management service called Impound Pro.  The “end-to-end” service is designed to address the major pain points in the current process of handling vehicles that have been impounded.   These pain…
vendor scorecards

4 Metrics That Will Make Your Scorecards More Effective

As a leading national repossession management company, we are exposed to a variety of vendor scorecard models. Each model consists of different metrics from recovery performance to regulatory/SOW compliance. Vendor scorecarding is an essential tool for the auto repossession and collateral recovery industry. Here are four metrics that will make your repossession vendor scorecards more…
lpr management

LPR Management – The Key to Faster Auto Repossessions

If you ask a handful of repossession managers about their top goals, it would be recovering more cars, lowering the average days to repossession, speeding up vehicle auction sales, and reducing overall costs. Outside of remaining compliance, most repossession and loss mitigation managers are focused on these metrics. There are many ways to accomplish these…
resolvion integrates with RDN

ALS Resolvion Announces Integration with RDN Agent Platform

Charlotte, NC, August 12, 2019 – Resolvion (formerly ALS Resolvion), one of the nation’s leading skip trace and repossession management firms, has announced the completion of its integration between its proprietary operating system (Wombat) into the Recovery Database Network (RDN) forwarder platform.   “This is a big step forward for us.  We have been integrated…
interview with mike levison

An interview with Michael Levison, CEO Resolvion Skip Trace & Repossession Management Services.

Interviewed by: Bob Rinaldi, LLC   This video series is about how technology is remaking the historically fractured market of repossession services.  Technology in this series is more of an overriding term for several capabilities that have come of age from the conceptual drawing board to tangible, useful, and paradigm changing applications.  The use of…
Resolvion mobile only

Resolvion Becomes First Forwarder To Go “Mobile Only”

Charlotte, NC – Resolvion (formerly ALS Resolvion), a leading provider of national repossession management services, today announced that it has fully implemented the industry’s first “mobile only” policy.  Under this new policy, Resolvion will provide involuntary repossession assignments only to repossession agencies that are deploying mobile technology at the repo truck level.   The “mobile…