COVID-19 Risk Management Program

Balancing customer support with risk mitigation

We are pleased to offer the following services to assist financial institutions, address the need to provide appropriate support to customers during their time of need and, at the same time manage portfolio risk.

Customer Support/Information Gathering Calls

Support Call

We will proactively reach out to high risk customers to ascertain their situation. Our team is trained to support your customers through positive messages and convey that your financial institution offers options during their time of need.

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Information Verification

By gathering pertinent information our team helps verify customer information which your institution can use to manage risk (i.e. current contact information, collateral location, etc.)

Soft Call Transfer

We convey the key provisions of your deferral program and gather the information that your team needs to determine qualification and, if desired, soft transfer to your team.

"VOL" Call

Call campaign to identify customers that would like to voluntarily surrender their collateral. Our team can then manage the repossession process on a nationwide scale, thus preserving a much of the collateral value as possible.

Resolvion Resources and Capabilities

  • Multiple call center facilities throughout the U.S.
  • Over 250 available positions with the ability to scale further
  • Over 200 financial institution clients including 42 of the top 50 lenders
  • 250 team members who are remotely deployed and not impacted by stay at home orders
  • State of the art technology infrastructure allowing fully remote data access as well as remote access to our telecom platform. All calls are recorded

Collateral Location Confirmation, Condition Reports and Pictures

Door knock, condition reports, and pictures

Our team of experts are ready to help you with condition reports, collateral pictures, and more. This service includes nationwide coverage and is usually completed within 48-72 hours in most cases with rush orders available.

Post Moratorium Charge Off Buster

Sophisticated modeling and real time vehicle value information

Given the expected disruptions to the repossession supply change, it will be important to have a methodology for ensuring that additional resources are focused on the high risk/highest value customers.  Unfortunately, the traditional approach to repossession management does not provide for such an approach.  Generally, the same effort/strategy is applied regardless if the vehicle is worth $5,000 or $50,000.

Resolvion’s “Charge off Buster” service addresses this important distinction.  We use sophisticated modeling and real time vehicle value information to identify the vehicles that have the highest value but will be the most difficult to find/recover.