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Archive for February 2019

5 Credit Union Repossession Best Practices

5 credit union best practices

As one of the top repossession management firms in the country, we work with some of the largest credit unions.  Doing so has given us deep insight into the strategies deployed by many different lenders. With many leading credit unions, this strategy has been highly refined over the years and is constantly being adjusted to maximize…

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How dealers can make more in deep subprime without spending more

Article from: SubPrime News By Brian Deeley Spireon Dumb question: Who wants to make more money? We all do, of course. But is opening your business to more credit-challenged consumers worth chasing more delinquencies and repos? Good question; and one that becomes problematic if you don’t take the right steps to minimize your risk. But,…

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Using Data Analytics to Predict Auto Repossession Success

Using data analytics

Written by Steve Schroeder as part of the ALS Resolvion Insights Series Statement of the Problem Several factors converge to cause current and future constraints in the repossession industry that will impact lenders, forwarders (also known as repossession management companies) and agencies alike. These factors will continue to increase in relevance over the next five…

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