Press Release – Integration of Resolvion’s Wombat System with RDN

Resolvion Announces Universal Acceptance Release for Wombat and RDN


Charlotte, NC, December 19, 2023 – Resolvion—an industry leader in national repossession management, skip tracing, remarketing, license plate recognition, heavy equipment, and specialty recovery—announced today their universal acceptance release integration between their proprietary database, Wombat, and RDN.


At the heart of this integration is the consolidation of two essential databases into one streamlined process for our agents.  Where agents previously had to operate out of these two databases separately, this integration allows them to exercise all the necessary functions through RDN, and that information is then transferred to the Wombat database for our specialists to access.  This new integration proves beneficial for specialists as well by eliminating the need for them to enter cases into both Wombat and RDN.  This allows cases to flow directly into RDN for agents to accept, effectively bypassing the need to accept them in Wombat first for the case to be moved to RDN.


As Danny Mullen, Resolvion Vice President of Operations states, “The seamless integration of Wombat with RDN transforms complexity into simplicity, creating a synergy that not only streamlines processes, but elevates efficiency to new heights.”


RDN’s VP of Business Development at RDN Clearplan, John Sibbit shares the same sentiment in saying, “At RDN, we’re all about making it fast, simple and easy for our users so they can focus their time and energy on what matters most. This integration takes the hassle out of case management by reducing duplicative work, which will help drive both efficiency and performance.”


This integration has been fully implemented and is now live for all agents and specialists.



About Resolvion: Resolvion is one of the nation’s leading loss mitigation management firms with a team of 300 associates serving a growing base of over 200 clients, including 40 of the top 50 auto finance providers. The company’s services include recovery, skip tracing, license plate recognition, heavy equipment repossession, impound, and remarketing. Resolvion, along with its 600+ recovery agents, handle nearly one million cases annually using our leading technology platform and a comprehensive compliance program which includes monitoring and training. Resolvion is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with additional operations in Atlanta, GA, Carlsbad, CA and Shelton, CT. For more information, visit:


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