Video: Innovations in Technology | Repossession Industry Panel Discussion

innovations in technology

Watch The Video: **For the best video quality and display, watch in full screen mode. Panel: -Justin Zane of Recovery Database Network (RDN) -Andy Sinclair of International Recovery Systems (IRS) -Cort DeHart of MBSi Corp.   Host: -Michael Levison of Resolvion   The advancement repossession technology in the recovery industry over past several years has…

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Industry Survey Results on Repossession Moratorium

repo moratorium survey

Recently, we sent out an email asking for participation in a survey surrounding post COVID-19 lender repossession activity. The results are in and we want to share it with you. Below you can find the questions and answers from the survey as well as the opportunity to download a PDF file of the full results.…

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5 Ways to Improve Impound Recovery

Improve Impound Recovery

Impound management and repossession is often a challenging task. The impound management process is tedious and many times is a multi-step and multi-platform procedure that requires specialized expertise to handle effectively. To make matters worst, impound yard operators are difficult to deal with. There are many issues involved when it comes to recovering an impounded…

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Video: Remarketing Challenges and Opportunities

remarketing challenges

Watch The Video: **For the best video quality and display, watch in full screen mode. Presenter: Joe Hearn of Advanced Remarketing Services   The hottest trend in the remarketing business in recent years has been the sale of vehicles “upstream” rather than at traditional auctions. This has become a major part of channel mix for…

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Video: The Major Issues Facing Repossession Industry

major issues facing repossession industry

Watch The Video: **For the best video quality and display, watch in full screen mode. Presenter: Les McCook of American Recovery Association   More repossession agencies are closing their doors every week.  The situation is serious and is likely to become even more so.  Keeping the recovery agent network healthy is one of the biggest…

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Video: Skip Trace and Collection Trends | Best Qualities of a Skip Tracer

Skip Trace and Collection

Watch The Video: **For the best video quality and display, watch in full screen mode. Presenter: Bryan Geist of masterQueue   Effective skip tracing is still a critical part of a successful repossession strategy.  However, the challenge is much different than it used to be.  In the old days it was all about finding a…

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4 Metrics That Will Make Your Scorecards More Effective

vendor scorecards

As a leading national repossession management company, we are exposed to a variety of vendor scorecard models. Each model consists of different metrics from recovery performance to regulatory/SOW compliance. Vendor scorecarding is an essential tool for the auto repossession and collateral recovery industry. Here are four metrics that will make your repossession vendor scorecards more…

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22 Repo Industry Statistics, Trends & Analysis

Repo Industry Statistics

Article from:   The repo industry is involved in the business of repossession. When consumers default on a loan, such as a car loan, then a lien on that item can be activated. The consumer can be ordered to turn the product over because of the lien. Most owners refuse to do so. That’s…

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Utilization of Impound Services – Survey of Lender Practices

impound poll image

Sponsored by: LinkedIn Group “Lenders Repossession Best Practices Forum” Powered by: ALS Resolvion   We asked over 3000 auto finance and lending professionals to participate in a quick survey about impound services and how it’s used for repossessions. We’ve complied the results and hope you find it very interesting. The responses are segmented by institution…

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Utilization of LPR – Survey of Lender Practices

LPR Results Flash Poll

  Powered by: Resolvion   We asked over 3000 auto lenders to participate in a survey that covered the utilization of license plate recognition (LPR) and how it’s used in repossession operations. In the past several years, LPR technology has become a popular repossession strategy among banks, credit unions, and independent financial institutions of all…

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