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Archive for January 2019

Repossession Compliance: Mobile Platforms Put the Goal Line In Sight

mobile platforms

Anyone that has been involved with the repossession industry over the past several years knows that the world looks very different today than pre CFPB. Most of the focus during this period has been on 3rd and 4th party oversight. Given the CFPB’s official position on vendor management, it is no longer acceptable to rely…

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Changes in the Asset Recovery Industry… “Alea Iacta Est”

Author: Ron L. Brown Source: CU Repossessions   In the last 10 years lending institutions and asset recovery agencies have seen numerous escalating changes related to the services, products and resources required to compete at the marketplace. The services the agency once used to allow a profit margin, towing, keys and storage fees have been taken/given…

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Webinar: All In One Pricing For Repossession Services: Challenges & Strategies

all in one webinar

When it comes to auto repossession, the all-in-one pricing model can be used as a potential compliance solution.  Over the past 12-18 months, concerns expressed by the CFPB regarding ancillary fees have sparked an interest by lenders around the idea of establishing an all-in-one pricing model. The benefit of eliminating compliance concerns and simplifying the…

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2018 Year in Review – The Road From Good to Great

ALSR Year in Review 2018

For ALS Resolvion, 2018 was the road from good to great. This slogan became our internal message to further drive results for our agents and clients. As we wrap up the year, we reflect on all the milestones that helped us accomplish “Great”. New integrations into RDN and Clearplan allowing us to simplify communication and…

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