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Webinar: All In One Pricing For Repossession Services: Challenges & Strategies

When it comes to auto repossession, the all-in-one pricing model can be used as a potential compliance solution.  Over the past 12-18 months, concerns expressed by the CFPB regarding ancillary fees have sparked an interest by lenders around the idea of establishing an all-in-one pricing model. The benefit of eliminating compliance concerns and simplifying the invoicing/payment process makes the transition to an AiO price a favorable option. It can, indeed, offer many benefits to lenders but requires deep analytics to gain a clear view of how to successfully establish one.


This webinar will review the opportunities and challenges that lie in understanding the utilization factors related to the various ancillary and repossession services and how they affect an all-in-one pricing model.


Webinar Details

Date: February 06, 2019

Time: 2 PM ET


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The challenges with establishing and AIO fee strategy
  • The range of variables that can be covered
  • Considerations for different type of repossession assignments
  • The impact of utilization rates
  • Approaches currently being used by several major lenders
  • Suggested best practices


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