ALS Resolvion Announces Integration with Clearplan Platform- Enhancing Service and Compliance to its Clients

ALS Resolvion becomes the first repossession management firm to successfully integrate their in-house proprietary technology, WOMBAT, with the leading repossession agent workflow management platform, Clearplan.

Clearplan optimizes repossession efforts by speeding up communications from the field and replacing paper routes into a real time digital map at the fingertips of the recovery agents.

“The integration with Clearplan will significantly enhance compliance by reducing the possibilities of repossessions in error and will greatly streamline communications with our agent partners”, says Jose Mendiola, President of ALS Resolvion.

In an effort to reduce another pain point in the repossession process, a new feature was developed in conjunction with the integration to allow recovery agents to give “on hook” notification directly into ALSR’s platform.  The “on hook” notification gives ALSR the ability to alert lenders of collateral recovery as the car is recovered.

The integration has also evolved ALS Resolvion’s agent score carding system.  “We have always given Clearplan agents additional scorecard points as we know those who use it, see better recovery rates.  However, with the new integration we are increasing the scorecard weighting because of the additional communication and compliance benefits that it provides” says Mendiola.

Clearplan founder, Justin Zane, says “we’re thrilled ALSR has recognized the value in deepening its connection to Clearplan.  The reaction by our users has been very strong.”

About ALS Resolvion:

ALS Resolvion provides nationwide skip trace and repossession management services to consumer and commercial lenders of all types and sizes.  Through cutting-edge skip tracing techniques and an obsession with compliance, ALSR is totally focused on delivering its clients Better Results and Lower Risk. For more information visit,