Webinar: Using AI and Big Data to Improve Repossession Results

This session will examine the type of analysis and decisions derived from data and will provide insights into how AI is likely to be used to drive better results, greater efficiency and improved compliance in the recovery industry in the future.   Here’s What You’ll Learn: Identifying recovery curves to implement timely strategy adjustments Repossession…

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Webinar: Optimizing the Use of LPR Data

optimizing lpr webinar

Over the years, the use of LPR technology has had a huge impact on vehicle recovery rates.  As the use of this technology has grown, lenders, forwarders and agents have gotten progressively better in using the LPR data to improve repossession performance and efficiency. Seats are limited to the first 100 auto finance lenders. Register…

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Webinar: All In One Pricing For Repossession Services: Challenges & Strategies

all in one webinar

When it comes to auto repossession, the all-in-one pricing model can be used as a potential compliance solution.  Over the past 12-18 months, concerns expressed by the CFPB regarding ancillary fees have sparked an interest by lenders around the idea of establishing an all-in-one pricing model. The benefit of eliminating compliance concerns and simplifying the…

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Webinar: Optimizing Repossession Results Through Effective Vendor Score Carding

webinar invitation to vendor score carding

Nothing impacts repossession results more than setting up effective competition between your vendors using well-constructed vendor scorecards.  The score card techniques used by major vendors have evolved significantly over the past few years, incorporating both recovery and compliance performance.  This webinar recording will review several different approaches used by leading lenders and will provide insights…

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