Survey of Lender Practices

Personal Property Handling Fees – Survey of Lender Practices

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We recently asked over 3000 auto finance professionals to participate in a survey that covered the scope of personal property handling which is a popular topic in the repossession industry. As a leading national repossession management and skip trace company, we wanted to provide insightful industry data that can be used as a resource by others. In our survey, we asked a wide range of professionals from management level to c-suite executives to complete a simple 3 question poll that covered the spectrum of personal property handling. If you’re unfamiliar with personal property, it is defined as anything that is not attached to the vehicle. This includes clothes, shoes, bags, and excludes custom vehicle equipment.


Every lender has different ways of handling personal property fees so we hope the results shed light onto the matter.


Download a free copy of our poll results below.

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