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Guest Contribution

Where Sub-prime Lenders Can Incorporate Predictive Modeling for Loans

predictive modeling

Author/Source: Non-Prime Times Sub-prime lenders must sense the famous saying all the time nowadays, because the more things change, the more they stay the same. Sure, the industry is in a drastically different place today compared to five or even 10 years ago. Today, there are a bevy of data analytics and technology platforms to…

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Part I of recovery commentary: Skip-tracing strategy and measuring value

Author: Joel Kennedy, NAF Association Source: SubPrime Auto Finance News   Editor’s note: This commentary is the first in a series compiled by Joel Kennedy, who is the current president of the National Automotive Finance Association and Chief Operating Officer at TruDecision, looking at the intricacies of repossessions and recovery. The industry that locates borrowers and…

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From the editor: A crisis facing repossession agents

a crisis for repo agents

Article from: SubPrime Written by: Nick Zulovich   DALLAS – While the overall automotive industry might be relatively healthy, no doubt there are dealerships struggling with aged inventory, auctions stressed to keep commercial consignors satisfied and finance companies wringing their hands over compressed margins and wavering portfolio performances. But if you would please indulge me…

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22 Repo Industry Statistics, Trends & Analysis

Repo Industry Statistics

Article from:   The repo industry is involved in the business of repossession. When consumers default on a loan, such as a car loan, then a lien on that item can be activated. The consumer can be ordered to turn the product over because of the lien. Most owners refuse to do so. That’s…

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Who Are The Real Bad Guys; Banks, Forwarders, or Agents?

who are the real bad guys

Article from: CU Collector Written by: Jeremy Cross International Recovery Systems   As we all know the state of the repossession industry has changed drastically in the last few years.  What was once a very lucrative industry for all who ran their businesses well has become one of distrust and infighting that is seeing costs…

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How dealers can make more in deep subprime without spending more

Article from: SubPrime News By Brian Deeley Spireon Dumb question: Who wants to make more money? We all do, of course. But is opening your business to more credit-challenged consumers worth chasing more delinquencies and repos? Good question; and one that becomes problematic if you don’t take the right steps to minimize your risk. But,…

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Using Data Analytics to Predict Auto Repossession Success

Using data analytics

Written by Steve Schroeder as part of the ALS Resolvion Insights Series Statement of the Problem Several factors converge to cause current and future constraints in the repossession industry that will impact lenders, forwarders (also known as repossession management companies) and agencies alike. These factors will continue to increase in relevance over the next five…

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Changes in the Asset Recovery Industry… “Alea Iacta Est”

Author: Ron L. Brown Source: CU Repossessions   In the last 10 years lending institutions and asset recovery agencies have seen numerous escalating changes related to the services, products and resources required to compete at the marketplace. The services the agency once used to allow a profit margin, towing, keys and storage fees have been taken/given…

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